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'Sisters in Ivory Bloom' evokes an ethereal image of unity and purity,
'where three sisters stand adorned in pristine white amidst a sea of delicate blossoms.
Their bond is as timeless as the petals that gently sway around them,
'each flower a testament to their shared history and enduring sisterhood.
In this enchanting scene, the sisters radiate grace and harmony,
'their presence a symbol of beauty and resilience amidst life's ever-changing landscape.
Together, they stand as pillars of strength,
'their intertwined destinies unfolding like the petals of a flower,
each moment a celebration of their shared journey through the seasons of life.
Editorial inspired by photographies made by:
the photographer Jean-Michel Nguyen
published in BELLE Magazine @_belle_magazine_ with the team:
models Anna Nguyen Thuy @annanguyenthuy, Manon @manonsbn, Rose Armane @rosearmane
stylist Homolog Paris @Homologofficial
makeup artists Keren Tejones @makeupcornerbykeren, Smile Mua @smile.mua
videographer Nino Carlo @nino_carlo
assistants Ico Lau, Yunyu He and Tianqi Cen


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bellazia asian beauties talents treasures